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    Lippies Have Superpowers

    The first lipstick I remember purchasing as an adult was a M.A.C. purple frost color called Odyssey. That day I bought a matching lip pencil to match. I was very new with experimenting with makeup and wearing anything other than a sparkly lip gloss was odd to me, but I was determined to step out and try something new. That had to be about five years ago and now one of my favorite things to wear makeup wise is a bold lip.

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    The Plague: 29, Single and No Kids

    “So, what are you doing? What of your boyfriend?  I thought that since you have gotten your degrees and at the age you are you would be planning for marriage. Aren’t you lonely?” This is verbatim the conversation I had with my uncle two weeks ago. At 6:45 AM on my 29th birthday this is what I was listening to as I scrambled around trying to get ready for work. I politely replied “when God sees fit for me to be married I will be.”

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    The Plush Life by Patience Yemisi

    After getting this brilliant yet terrifying idea to start a blog I was like okay so what to name it? I thought about everything I wanted my blog to encompass: where I’ve come from, where I am and where I am going. When I think of all the people I follow, their blogs are truly a reflection of them and that’s what I wanted.

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    So You Wanna Be a Blogger?

    I have had this idea for close to two years now. One day it just hit me “I’ll start a blog!” Yea it seemed like exactly what I needed at the time. What it boiled down to was I needed something to do. I was working at a job that I didn’t enjoy and pushing myself to continue with perusing my MBA while I contemplated quitting both every other day, and going back and forth in a situationship that was no good for me. I wanted something that I could channel my creativity into.