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    Thick Women Are More Loyal

    When it comes to dating, there is a stigma that comes along with being plus size: Bigger women only have a limited amount of options when it comes to men therefore they will settle for whatever is handed to them. Whether, you agree with the statement or not, it is something that can be seen in many displays of plus size women in movies and shows. You see the big girl vying over the love of the man that is painted as being “out of her league” and doing anything to get or to keep him. Although this display in the media is prevalent this isn’t really my reality. I have family members and friends that are of size and have never had to chase a man. I myself have been even slightly bigger than I am now yet I have not lacked catching the eye of eligible men. I would be naïve to believe that I would be on everyone’s list, just as not every guy is on mine and that is just a part of having a choice and preference. But when did your outward appearance ever determine the qualities you possess as a person?

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    The Plague: 29, Single and No Kids

    “So, what are you doing? What of your boyfriend?  I thought that since you have gotten your degrees and at the age you are you would be planning for marriage. Aren’t you lonely?” This is verbatim the conversation I had with my uncle two weeks ago. At 6:45 AM on my 29th birthday this is what I was listening to as I scrambled around trying to get ready for work. I politely replied “when God sees fit for me to be married I will be.”

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    The Plush Life by Patience Yemisi

    After getting this brilliant yet terrifying idea to start a blog I was like okay so what to name it? I thought about everything I wanted my blog to encompass: where I’ve come from, where I am and where I am going. When I think of all the people I follow, their blogs are truly a reflection of them and that’s what I wanted.

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    So You Wanna Be a Blogger?

    I have had this idea for close to two years now. One day it just hit me “I’ll start a blog!” Yea it seemed like exactly what I needed at the time. What it boiled down to was I needed something to do. I was working at a job that I didn’t enjoy and pushing myself to continue with perusing my MBA while I contemplated quitting both every other day, and going back and forth in a situationship that was no good for me. I wanted something that I could channel my creativity into.