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    The Last of the Twenty Somethings: Taking Responsibility

    As far back as I can remember I have been a people pleaser. Never liked getting in trouble, didn’t like people being mad at me. Much of this still applies to me now lol. I try to be the person that does’t care what others think but it’s crazy no matter how hard you try some things just don’t shake you. So with that being the case throughout school age I was basically a perfect child – and I don’t mean that in a braggy way but it is just facts. I rarely got in trouble and did everything I was told.

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    The Last of the Twenty Somethings: Press Restart

    My lovely people! It’s been a while and I don’t have a reason why. I have just been doing the things. It is the first of April now and we are in my favorite time of year – Spring time. The days are starting to get longer and the weather nicer. I know it is now safe to start my birthday countdown. But this one is a little different since I’m hitting a milestone birthday. Not since twenty one have I thought this hard about turning the next age. Reflection has set in deep and I thought it would be a great series to write. If for nothing else for my own memories to look back on. I will also be celebrating my first Blogversary (did I just make up a word?) on my birthday as well- yay me!

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    How to Celebrate This Valentine’s Day – for Those Who Will Be Valentine Less

    Just wanted to pop in on the international day of love. Personally I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day whether in a relationship or single – and I’ve been single more years than not. I just really connect with the notion of making the ones that you care about (including yourself) feel especially loved for the day. But I know not everyone is a fan when they don’t have plans with a special someone. Even if you will be solo it doesn’t hurt to try to enjoy the day some how.

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    Self Care September Week Four: Everything Counts

    So September, what’s up? Why did you come and leave so quickly? I honestly don’t know where last month went. It was a pretty good month. I wanted to recap my last week and just share my thoughts around making self care the theme for an entire month. I can definitely say that going through the motions of doing something versus having intention behind why you are doing something makes a world of difference. Week four I focused on simply getting my body moving more as well as the typical things people think of when it comes to self care.

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    Self Care September Week Two: Peace and Positivity

    We are half way through September people. What the heck?! Although we are moments away from Fall, the temperature here in Dallas is still well into the mid/high 90s. It was another packed week for me but I am continuing to move forward with my self care process. I wanted to continue to practice what I did the prior week but also include some additions. My mind has been kind of all over the place so I knew what I wanted my main focus to be for week two.

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    Self Care September Week One: Baby Steps

    The first week of September has come and gone. The older you get the faster time moves. I started last week ready to do some good work! Until the three day weekend ended and I had some roadblocks at work. My week didn’t go as planned but I am very much committed to seeing this process through. I had to take a look at how I was going to incorporate self care into my week without overwhelming myself.

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    Self Care September

    A new month is officially upon us. It is always refreshing to start a new month no matter how bad or well the current one was. With the transition into the fall coming it is time to hit a mini reboot to finish the last quarter of the year out strong. Summer flew by SO fast! I didn’t do much exciting this summer but I am looking forward to fall and winter. My early November trip will be here before I know it and as the holidays roll around I will be able to be surrounded by my closest friends and family.